An upstate man who slit Instagram star Bianca Devins’ throat before posting gory images of her body online has been sentenced to at least 25 years in prison.

Brandon Clark, 22, pleaded guilty in February 2020 to second-degree murder for stabbing the 17-year-old to death in July 2019, then posting gruesome images of her nearly decapitated corpse on social media.

He posted one of the bloody photos with the caption: “I’m sorry Bianca.”

The violent crime occurred after the pair attended a concert in Queens on July 13. Clark — who was a friend of Devins, but not romantically involved, according to the family and police — flipped out when the influencer kissed another man at the concert.

Early the next morning, the pair drove back upstate to Utica, where Clark allegedly slit Devins’ throat with a large knife.

After murdering her, he called 911 and confessed, then told the operator he planned to kill himself — before cutting his own throat and posting a picture online.

The teen’s family learned of her brutal murder after strangers sent them the disturbing online photos of her corpse that quickly went viral across social media. The gruesome images remained on Instagram for almost 24 hours before they were removed.

At the sentencing, Devins’ grieving mother, Kim Devins, told the court, “No one should have to see their loved one in such a state,” according to

She said her family was haunted by the depraved photos Clark posted online, flaunting his horrible crime.

“With the death of your child comes the most unimaginable, indescribable pain,” she said, as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Clark apologized to the court and Devins’ family for the cold-blooded killing. “I hate myself for what I did to her,” he said, according to “I don’t understand how I could do something like that. It disgusts me.”

Kim Devins has partnered with politicians to introduce Bianca’s Law to prevent the spread of violent content on social media.