An alleged teen gang member — who danced his way into court on Monday — landed himself behind bars after recently being able to walk free on a fifth gun bust.

Raquan Wilson, 19, was remanded by Judge Craig Walker in the Youth Part of Brooklyn Supreme Court after he was arrested last week along with two pals and a loaded SAR 9mm pistol in a fanny pack on the floor of an Uber.

One of Wilson’s pals had claimed ownership of the pistol but the teen had broken the agreement that allowed him to walk free while awaiting sentencing in a pair of Bronx gun possession cases in 2019.

“I did tell Mr. Wilson part of the agreement was no new arrests,” Walker said of the deal.

“This was with a loaded firearm in the car. Mr. Wilson is going to be remanded.”

The teen is facing a potential two-year stint in prison over the gun possession cases in February and June of 2019 after pleading guilty earlier this month.

His sentencing was originally scheduled for Monday but was pushed back until April 27, when the DNA results on the gun are expected to come back in his latest arrest.

When he appeared in court last Tuesday on his March 21 arrest, Judge Leigh Cheng allowed Wilson to walk free since it was still unclear to whom the firearm belonged.

Prosecutors also didn’t press for bail despite having four other open gun cases.

Wilson also has two court dates next month, April 14 and 20, on a pair of armed robberies in Queens from 2020.

Walker also added, “I want to see what happens with those Queens matters” before sentencing.

The teen wasn’t dancing when the cuffs were slapped on him Monday. He turned to his girlfriend in court and they both said, “I love you.”

Wilson, an alleged member of the Folk Nation gang who was charged in a murder at age 15, had been allowed to post bail or got cut free on his own.